South Florida's Classic Rock Radio Station WSHE-SHE103, Do You Remember Our Front Door Entry?

You have visited the station over the years, you used to toss a frisbee on our front lawn with your Car-Doors Open Blasting SHE 103 on your Jensen or Pioneer Sound System

or perhaps you came in to pickup SHE concert tickets, SHE prizes, or just to say hello.

Many of you may recall some of SHE's Former DeeJays that walked in and out of this front door on a daily basis.

One of our first pioneer SHE Dee-Jays to christen SHE airwaves was the late Tommy Milner;

(Gene's young son who called himself Tommy Judge in honor of the car he drove, a GTO Judge)

Some of you might remember WSRF/WSHE Owned by Gene Milner of the Milner Hotel chain, WSRF-AM- FM was also home to a number of colorful personalities.

You may also remember when Davie was still weeds

(pre Nova University across the highway and pre trailer park that used to sit in front of the station studios)


WSRF was Broward County's top 40 voice. It was to Broward what WFUN was to Dade (see WNWS). Both outlets were capable of local coverage, but neither were able to penetrate the other's county. Therefore both outlets shared a common competitor, WQAM. And both relied on exciting promotion and a more agressive music policy to gain audience.

By far, WSRF found itself in a smaller market situation, compared to Dade County stations, but PD Johnny Dark was blessed with good ears, and while some of the records he picked did not emerge as national smashes, he was often first on product (and sometimes "only "), netting WSRF a flavor all its own which provided Broward County teens with a tasty alternative to the more polished "Tiger Radio" (WQAM).

Some familiar names such as Tom Judge Milner, Sonny Fox, Corey James, Randi Martin, Gary Martin, John Ford, The Late David Ross, Nancy G.(Gettle), The Late Nina Joy, Randy Thomas, Skip Herman, Jim Mcbean, Robyn Martin, Drew Townsend, Joe St. Peter, Ron Hersey, Bill Murphy, Harley Davidson, Glenn Richards, Tom Griffiths, Steve Stansell, Mitch Phillips, the Wildman Art Garza and more..

Original Pioneer Program Directors at SHE like Johnny Dark, Gary Grainger, Neal Mirsky not to forget the great Michael Dalfonzo into the late 1980s.

WSHE 103.5 FM the legendary radio station SHE that rocked South Florida for over 25 years is streaming Classic Rock, Progressive Rock & Alt Rock. SHE Florida Radio Now Streaming Live in Ultra-HD, You May Click the *Listen Live Button Above*

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