She's Only Rock'n Roll


SHE Florida Radio is No Longer on FM Frequency. WSHE Radio Has Migrated To The Internet, SHE Florida Radio is Album Rock Again!

--Since 1967..
WSHE "The Early Days" In the beginning WSHE Radio was the automated stepchild to WSRF 1580. Studios and transmitter were across the street from Broward Community College in Davie.

The stations were in the middle of a cow pasture which later became a trailer park. WSHE had been known as WSRF-FM prior to the station changing to WSHE around 1970. The format then was soft rock or what some called "Housewife Rock".

Over on top 40 WSRF they were exparamenting at night with what DJ Tommy Judge called "Surf-a-delic".

Somehow the Progressive Album Rock format made it over to the WSHE most of us old timers remember. Tommy probably had some influence in the change since his father Gene Milner was part owner and manager of WSRF/WSHE.

An early progressive rocker that might have had more influence is WEDR. How many people remember that station playing "Progressive Rock"?

Palm Beach had WMUM playing "Progressive Rock" which they called "Mother", it's now WRMF.

Classic Rock Florida Is WSHE RADIO aka SHE Florida Radio WSHE Miami/Ft Lauderdale is Album Rock Again!
SHE FLORIDA RADIO, Broadcast's 60s 70s 80s & More With Deeper Album Cuts of Chicago Transit Authority,Eddie Money, Van Halen, Floyd, James Gang, Iggy, Rolling Stones, Beatles and Soo Much More With an Audio Processing Chain Thats Guaranteed To Put BOOM in Your Room!
WSHE RADIO Broadcast's HD Audio 96Khz+, So Go Ahead; Logon To SHE Florida Radio Stream & Surround Your Senses To The Music That You Grew-Up With Right Here.


You May Remember Sonny Fox and Skip Herman